Every emotion has an image. And every image can convey an emotion. Emotions are essential in life. The photographic approach consists of feeding these movements of the heart, to make them grow, allowing them to travel, without a word.


The aim is to make the numerous challenges, that are part of the game, disappear: the vocation of the brand as seen by the brand and the agency. The specific message that needs to be conveyed which should chime with the expectations of the public and yet, take them elsewhere.


Photographing editorial for artistic directors is always a exciting creative adventure. A team heading in a common direction and sharing the energy and emotion which will come good in another new creation during the editing stage.


​Conceptual work can be translated in many different formats. Progressively, over sized pieces or city installations, play on contrast. Certain collectors also ask for personalized installations.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.